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How a Novel Adventure ® Works

An adventure unlike any other vacation you have ever taken. 

    A Novel Adventure ® is all about what you love, so, let's start with you favorite novel. You will find a list of some of our most popular Novel Adventures on our "Books" page but there is no need to feel limited to those. We are happy to build your trip around any book of your choosing. The choices are endless. 

Every Dreamer has a Favorite Novel 
Each time Lily read her favorite book, the stories of the characters stirred her adventurous side. She would dream about becoming part of the fairy tale, even if just for a little while. She told her buddy, Ruby, of her wish to just jump into the pages of her novel, but never expected the adventure that was waiting for her!

Getting started on your Novel Adventure ® is as simple as contacting us. You can reach us through our "Books" page where you will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire, or on our "Contact Us" page where you can drop us a quick line. We promise to never share or sell your information with anyone or send you hundreds of emails on products you never inquired about. 




It Starts With a Simple Question

Ruby knew it was time for her and her friend to get away for a little while. While trolling on Twitter she came across a traveler's Novel Adventure ®. She couldn't believe what she was seeing! Travelers in breathtaking settings, away from the crowds, enjoying their favorite novels and having the time of their lives! She followed the link and found us here at Novel Adventures. While still unsure what to expect, she simply filled out the "Contact Us" questionnaire on the "Books" page. While Lily's book was not on the list, she did find that she could request any Novel of her choosing. So easy, anyone could have done it. 

A Friendly Chat

     Just a few days later Lily was chatting with Kim and Andrea. Already, she was having fun! It was so exciting to hear all of the travel options that were available to the two of them. Lily, being the busy little lady that she is, really only had a short window for her vacation time. Not a problem at Novel Adventures ®, all itineraries are personalized. Lily was even able to set up a payment plan to make it much easier to have her dream trip come true. 

It's Here!

     Before long their Novel Adventure ® arrived in the mail. What an exciting day! Lily couldn't wait to share the package with Ruby. They sat down together going over every detail. Every day included spectacular lodging, and the days were full of adventures that they never would have dream of for themselves! Every detail of their phone conversations were included, even Ruby's request to be located near the Dog Park. The days until their trip couldn't pass fast enough!



     Let the Adventure Begin!


     For Lily and Ruby the hardest part was waiting for their adventure to begin. At first Lily was a little anxious, since this was unlike any trip she had taken before. Soon, she found that each day held a new surprize specially designed just for her. Even quiet times when she could enjoy reading the story she loved so much. 

You Might Want to Stay Forever


     Lily and Ruby were having fun during the daytime, visiting all the settings in their novel. The evenings were just as wonderful! The hotels that were chosen for them were like palaces, and the food was local and fresh. Wifi was readily available for her to share her adventure with her loved ones back home.  Lily wasn't sure if she would ever want this vacation  to end!

Never Stop Dreaming 

The adventure never really ends--you will have the memories forever! It won't be long until you are ready to call on us again to begin building your next Novel Adventure ®!


 It's Always Good To Be Home


     It was a whirlwind trip for both Lily and Ruby! As soon as Lily returned  home, she had her nose in another book and her head dreaming up her next Novel Adventure. Ruby had her mind set on her next nap. 

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