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The following books are a sample of some of the tours that we have already traveled. Like any great adventurer, we are always looking for something new. Let us know what your favorite book is and we will turn it into a Novel Adventure ®. 

Outlander  by Diana Gabaldon 


The book that started it all. It was the first book our week-end book club chose to read. That quickly led to the question of "Where's Jamie"? So, we went to Scotland to begin the adventure of a lifetime! This tour traces the steps of Jamie and Claire through the Highlands of Scotland (and more) in both,Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber . There are many opportunities to read about their adventures while in the very places they stood. ​


Like every Novel Adventure ®, this tour is specific to your interests. You select the number of days you wish to travel and the style of travel you prefer, and we'll take care of the rest.

Drums of Autumn  by Diana Gabaldon 


The journey of Jamie and Claire continues in the mountains of North Carolina where you can note the similarities and the differences between the Scottish Highlands and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Dive into the rich landscape of this magnificent territory and get to know the settlers who forged the America we know today. 

Twilight  by Stephenie Meyer


​This tour spans the Twilight series, including New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Encounter Bella, Edward and Jacob at every turn. Visit  the gloomy town of Forks, the deep and mysterious Hoh Rainforest where you expect to come face to face with one of the "pak" at any minute and a few random surprises along the way. 

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