The Ultimate

Fan Experience


by Novel Adventures®


Okay, friends, I know many of you are waiting on pins and needles for this info, and tbh, it's not quite ready....I can't name the cast members just yet. However, I am eager to share the details of our "Ultimate Outlander Fan Experience" with you all, so here goes...

This event is going to be HUGE! I mean, bigger than anything done before! And, since teasing it a few weeks ago, a couple other events have shown their faces, but let me assure you, NO ONE is doing what we're doing. Period. 

Here is what I can tell you:

  • I have 16 of the MAIN CAST MEMBERS verbally committed to join us! I am just waiting to get signed contracts back.

  • This event will take place over a period of 4 days; May 24-27, 2023

  • You will spend time with the actors ON-LOCATION in Scotland, where they actually filmed! You get to hear back-stories, bts stories, and other fun bits of information only they can share with you. 

  • You can purchase single-day tickets, or any combination of the 4 days, or even all 4 days. 


Where  else can you meet 5 'Outlander' cast members in one day, at the very locations they filmed, including lodging, transportation, tickets,   meals  and photos!?


Days 1-3 (May 24, 25, and 26, 2023)

  • Daily ticket price includes:

    • One-night lodging

    • Ground transportation for the day

    • All meals for the day

      • Breakfast

      • Lunch

      • SPECTACULAR formal dinner event!

    • Entry into all attractions

    • Super-fun catered snacks and drinks at each film location

    • Photos (groups of 10) with special guests

    • Pre-signed autographs

    • Swag

  • Daily tickets will be sold in 4 groups of 50 people to keep things small and intimate. For each day purchased, you will spend time with 5 cast members on location for two of the days, and on one of the days, there will be 6 cast members on location. (Schedule TBD)

  • Days 1-3 tickets will be priced according to:

1. Type of hotel selected

  • Jury's Inn ($2500 + tax per day)

  • Fraser Suites ($2700 + tax per day)

  • Balmoral Hotel ($2900 + tax per day)

2. How many cast members are assigned to that day

  • 5 cast members-see above

  • 6 cast members-add $250 + tax

3. General tickets or Platinum VIP ticket

  • General tickets (per day)-see above

  • Platinum VIP (all 4 days)-$12K + tax


Day 4 (May 27, 2023)

  • Daily ticket price includes:

    • One-night lodging

    • Ground transportation for the day

    • Two meals for the day

      • Breakfast

      • Lunch

    • Super-fun excursion of the cast member's choosing! This might be:

      • Hiking

      • Whisky tasting

      • Visiting a museum

      • Ziplining

      • Cooking class

      • ATV riding

      • ...whatever it is they want to do! 

  • No more than 50 people in a group. Number to be determined by the number of cast members committed. (TBD)

  • Days 4 Tickets will be priced according to:

1. Type of hotel selected

  • Jury's Inn ($2000 + tax per day)

  • Fraser Suites ($2200 + tax per day)

  • Balmoral Hotel ($2400 + tax per day)


          ****Platinum VIP Tickets****

  • ONLY 15 tickets available!

  • Will travel with 4 cast members on a private Outlander tour for all 4 days.

  • 'Andy the Highlander' will be your private guide for each day.

  • Henry, our Master Driver will be your coach driver each day.

  • Includes 4 nights' lodging at Balmoral Hotel.

  • Includes daily breakfast.

  • Includes lunch with the cast members you are traveling with each day.

  • Includes a seat at the dinner table with one of the 5/6 cast members on Days 1-3.

  • Includes 1 large group photo at dinner with all VIPs and all cast members on Days 1-3.

  • Includes individual photos and personalized autographs with each of the 4 cast members you are traveling with daily.

  • Includes unlimited selfies.

  • Includes swag.

**Please Note: Platinum VIPs' schedule of events are completely different and separate from the General Ticket event schedules


        ****Grande Fete****

  • Will be held on Saturday May 27, 2023

  • NOT INCLUDED ON ANY TICKET--this ticket will need to be purchased separately for everyone (including Platinum VIPs)

  • ALL 16 Cast Members will be present!

Silver tickets    $750 + tax

  1. Cocktail hour 6-7pm

  2. Elegant/Formal Dinner 7-8pm

  3. World class entertainment 8-9pm

  4. Selfies and mingling with cast before and after dinner (NO autographs)

Gold tickets-$900 + tax

  1. Everything listed above

  2. Seated at table with a cast member during dinner

  3. Personal photo with group of all 16 cast members


Miscellaneous info:

  • I will have a "Glam Squad" available to hire for hair and makeup-prices TBD.

  • Airfare is NOT included.

  • You can plan separate pre/post-event vacation days around our event to make your travels across the pond complete.

  • I *do* have a separate 'Scotland R&R' week planned to take place on the Isle of Arran May 29-June 5, 2023. This can be stand-alone, or you can add it to any part of the Ultimate Experience Event. Price still TBD, but guesstimating around $3200pp. Only 16 spots for that available.


Ticket Window

  • Ticket window for ALL tickets will open Monday August 15, 2022 at 8pm CST

  • Grande Fete ticket window will open Monday August 15, 2022 at 8pm CST

May 24-27, 2023

Assembly Rooms dinner_4.jpg

Note: Please contact me for currency exchange rates if paying in anything other than USD